Wild Horses Couldn’t Stop It

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have read how much I love my little dog, but there is a story behind how I got him.  First of all, he’s a Craigslist find! I saw his ad in the Pets section and it said that he was a lap dog who loved to watch TV…sounded like my kind of dog! I called and left a message only to get a call back saying that he was already gone to another home.  For some reason, the lady decided to go ON and ON about how great this dog was going to have it.  “The father is a Doctor, and the wife a stay-at-home mom.  He won’t have to be in the crate all day.  They have lovely children, yada yada yada.”  After her dialogue, I hung up the phone feeling kind of bad, not just that I didn’t get the dog, but also that I was a single-mom in an apartment, working to make ends meet, and not a doctor’s wife!

The next day, the lady called back and left me a voice mail saying that Dr. & Mrs. Stay-at-Home Mom brought the dog back and told me to call her if I still wanted him.  Intrigued, but cautious, I called her back and asked “What’s wrong with the dog??”  To which she replied “nothing” and proceeded to tell me how the Dr. & Mrs. also owned horses and that the dog wasn’t afraid of them and was running with them and they were afraid he’d be trampled.

I drove to pick him up the next day.  He tore through my Wendy’s bag that I had in the back seat and ate all of my fries and the rest, as they say, is history!

As I think of this story, something else comes to mind.  There is a phrase that many of us use, but sometimes have trouble really grasping and believing in, and that is: “What God has for me, IS for me.” This dog had been given away to a seemingly more fitting home, one where he’d live his days in luxury, perhaps dining on the finest cuts of meat.  I was told I couldn’t have him, that I’d missed out, maybe called a day too late.  Know this: TRULY, what God and the universe mean for you to have, you will have.  Stop striving.  Be still and know.  No one and no thing can stop what God has intended for each of us.  In this case, wild horses couldn’t stop me from getting this dog, in fact, they helped me get him! He was supposed to be my dog.  He was already my dog.  

I can’t tell you the joy that this little dog has brought to me, and quite frankly, he seems to like apartment life.  It suits him.  He greets me at the door with “hugs” and kisses.  He loves me unconditionally, and I am so blessed to have him.

God cares about our EVERY need.  Tonight, as I hung out with my little dog and reflected on how he came to me, I was reminded of that, and I am grateful.  There is a force much larger than any one of us that just wants us to trust that our needs will be met, and they will be.









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