Go Be Amazing

I wrote this to encourage a friend who acknowledged that he was in a “dark place” and in need of prayer.  It was tailored specifically for him,  but as I reread it, I realized that it is a message that any of us could stand to hear. I hope it encouraged him, as I hope it encourages you.

FIGHT. THROUGH. THE. DARKNESS. This is your life and your happiness, your peace, and your joy, and someone wants to steal that. As hard as it may seem at times, fight for your space on this earth. Someone needs the light you have inside of you. Even if you don’t feel like having fun, push yourself to try to go out and have some fun. Laugh. Look at flowers, or water, or puppies, whatever makes you smile. The other day, I was on the underwater treadmill, alone in the pool, singing along to “Eye of the Tiger” as loud as I could and I found myself smiling uncontrollably. I just felt joy.  You deserve joy. Fight for your joy. Determine to have it again. I have had some very dark times in my life, but I’m so glad that I’ve learned to push through, to find hope, and to believe in and envision a healthy, happy, whole me. Pray. Seek God –  even when it seems hard to, or you don’t quite know how. Ask Him to bless your  home, every doorway, every entry point – that nothing negative, bad, or dark may enter. Ask Him to reveal himself to you in new ways, to cover you, and strengthen you, to give you back your joy. You are amazingGo be amazing!